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The Ludlow Park Residents Association invited trumpeter Aaron Flagg to play Taps on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 at 3 pm as part of Taps Across America. Aaron played to honor his father, James A. Flagg, a Korean War veteran who died in April from COVID-19.

Couldn't make the meeting at the Sewage Treatment Plant?  Click on the two images below for the presentations.  We are awaiting release of the Final Version of the Odor Control Study.

Community Meeting
Thursday, October 24, 7:30 pm

 Yonkers Joint Water Resource Recovery Facility
1 Fernbrook Street

Requested Agenda:

Community issues and questions

1.                Odors

·        What caused the horrible odors this summer?   What has been done to avoid this happening again?

·        Has there been any further work on covering the secondary basins?


·        what chemical and particulates come out of the 5 candles?

·        Combustion of carbon gases--how much soot and microparticles?

·        do we measure other combustion byproducts that are forbidden or regulated by the EPA?

Solar arrays and other future plans

·        Has any work been done on the idea of solar arrays to generate income for the County?

·        Has any thought been given to compensation for the community for this blight which never stops?

·       2020 Budget:  are there any items which we should know about with regard to the Plant?

       Cleaning and General Maintenance

·        what chemicals/solvents specifically are used to clean the tanks?

·        have you been able to continue with the maintenance necessary to prevent unplanned disruptions to service, as we discussed at one of our recent meetings?

·        do you recognize that the health of the public may be adversely affected by toxins and irritants released into the public environment and that it is important for the public to know what may be in the air that they breathe?  We believe the Plant should be completely transparent about its processes in order to work with us to keep our environment healthy for all.


·        What is happening to communications with and from the Plant?  We know less now than we used to:   there are no annual reports, we do not receive phone calls alerting us when work is to be done, we do not get any reports to follow up on our calls to complain about the odors and we have not received any details of the consultant’s report.   We would like to informed about progress on odor remediation, any changes which affect the neighborhood and future plans on a more regular basis – any ideas on this?

Next Meetings

·        Given the difficulty we have had in agreeing dates for our meetings at the Plant over the last year or so, would we be able to set tentative dates for the next two meetings – in March and September, 2020


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