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General Membership Meeting

Monday, June 24, 2019

  Chema Center
(Corner of Riverdale Avenue & Belvedere Drive)

  8:00 pm 


Captain McCormack - 3rd Precinct Update

Election for LPRA Board of Directors - See the list of nominees at 2019 Nominees for LPRA Board of Directors. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the meeting. We are eager to welcome new participants.

Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors for a successful Neighborhood Clean-up Day!

Where did all these people come from?


Jim Killoran of the Fuller Center for Housing donated daffodils to help brighten all our lives!


Corazon surrounded by Police Explorers – with one member of her family taking center stage!

Ludlow Park Residents Association 4th Annual Clean-up
April 13, 2019

Ludlow Park does it again! On Saturday, April 13, fifty or sixty people – Ludlow residents, scout troops, cub packs, resident groups from neighboring areas like Culver Street, Mexican Chamber of Commerce, residents of Nodine Hill, students from College of Mt. St. Vincent, Police Explorers from the Community Affairs Division of the Yonkers Police Department, volunteers from the Fuller Center for Housing, students from Rising Ground and neighbors of Abe Cohen Plaza all gathered in the Plaza before setting out to clean up our streets and strips of greensward as far afield as Culver, Franklin and Downing Streets.

With the sponsorship of our Councilmember and local resident, Corazón Pineda-Isaac, and her Aide, Leslye Oquendo-Thomas, and with the help of the Department of Public Works of the City of Yonkers, which lent us tools and gave us garbage bags and heavy duty gloves and – most importantly – took all the filled bags away, Ludlow Park organized a great clean-up on many of our local streets. The weather was perfect. The rain stopped and the sun came out to warm us in our work, but was not too hot as we picked and raked and cleared the sidewalks.

Sad to say, we had to clean the seating area of Abe Cohen of doggy doo before we could even set up there. The problem of persuading dog owners to pick up and clean away their dog droppings remains unsolved – despite our “Pick up after your dog” signs. But we are trying again in Abe Cohen – many more signs are now out to try to prick the consciences of the delinquent dog owner.

We took several photographs of our volunteers – next year your picture may be here too!

Geraldine Canty


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